Report: Apple Will Remove iPhone Home Button in High-End New Phone

The iPhone home button will be trashed, if a new report is correct. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is eliminating the home button so a larger screen can be inserted onto one of the next iPhone versions.

Rather than having a home button, users can perform the same actions through using gesture controls on screen that will include a set of icons.

If this report is true it would represent the biggest change for an iPhone since the device was first launched in 2007.

The phone’s home button has been the staple of its design since the start. It is used for waking the device, returning to the app grid, and of late, the Touch ID.

All of those tasks would now be performed in a different manner if the button is removed. However, the report states very carefully that only the new iPhone’s high-end version would no longer have the home button, which goes along with other reports that have leaked on and off the last couple of months.

Rather than pressing the home button, users would use a thin bar that can moved around for the many different actions it can perform.

Users will be able to change apps and or return to their home screen using the multitask small software bar.

And it will not end at just that, if the report is right, Apple has likely set up several interactions for the new software bar.

Apple has considered removing the home button in the past. For its iPhone 7, the button was replaced with a version that was none moving that simulated being clicked via a tactile response.

Apple’s iPad recently had an app menu added that is reminiscent of the OS X’s dock.

This possible change is just one of what many expect to be radical redesigns of the soon to be unveiled new iPhone.

Other rumors include the iPhone muting notifications while the user is looking at it, technology for face scanning that works when the phone is just sitting on the table, and a screen that fills the entire frame of the smartphone except a tiny notch housing camera, earpiece and sensors.

The rumor is that Apple will launch three new versions of its 10th anniversary iPhone in September. It is not likely all three versions will have the home button eliminated for a number of reasons.

The device is Apple’s bestseller and removing the home button might be met with some controversy and better not to upset the entire flock of loyal followers.

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