MoviePass Angers Former Customers With Automatic Re-enrollment

MoviePass has managed to anger a wide swath of its customer base with a series of moves designed to keep the struggling company afloat. In its latest move, the company appears to be re-enrolling customers who had chosen to let their subscription lapse and automatically charging them if they do not opt-out. The company’s email regarding the matter was shared widely on social media by former MoviePass customers.

Launched in 2011, MoviePass allows subscribers to pay a flat fee every month to see multiple movies. The company recently canceled its unlimited movie subscription service, replacing it with a plan for three movies per month at a flat rate of $10. In August, MoviePass moved all its subscribers to the new plan unless they wanted to cancel their membership.

Some users chose to let the subscription lapse instead of joining the new plan. Some of them received an email from the company inviting them to test a new “unlimited” plan. The email read: “Because we really hope you begin enjoying your MoviePass subscription again, we have chosen you to be a part of a select test group, who beginning Friday, October 5th will be restored to unlimited movies.”

Their subscriptions were apparently automatically restored without their consent and the users say they were given only a few days to opt out before being charged. The email said: “To be clear, unless you opt out, your unlimited subscription will be restored and you will begin enjoying unlimited movies again … at $9.95 per month, and your credit card on file will be charged on a monthly basis beginning Friday, October 5th, 2018.” Users who choose to “opt out” or cancel service won’t be able to rejoin until nine months have passed, the email states.

A MoviePass representative commented that the offer was only for select subscribers. In a statement, MoviePass said, “This was a one-time promotional offer that is valid through Oct. 5 for some subscribers, many of whom have expressed an interest in the original plan and a request for its return. As part of the offer, if the member does not wish to return to the original plan, they can simply opt-out in the email prior to Oct. 5 and they will not be auto-charged.”

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