McDonald’s Testing Fresh Beef Burgers with Archburger

McDonald’s will test a new fresh beef burger called Archburger. The new burger, a reference to the world famous Golden Arches logo of McDonald’s will debut in a limited-time trial at seven restaurants across the U.S.

The Oak Park, Illinois based McDonald’s announced in March it would began using fresh beef to make its Quarter Pounder in 2018.

McDonald’s has come under much more pressure to shift to fresh beef for its burgers because of the popularity of its rivals that are offering them from In-N-Out Burger to Shake Shack.

A research analyst has identified two sites where the new Archburger will be tested. One is Plano Texas and one is a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two sites are selling the new burger and its special sauce for $2.19. Another Archburger L&T which has lettuce and tomato is $2.69 and one with bacon sells for $2.89.

McDonald’s has confirmed the test for the Archburger, but has not shared any details. The company did release a statement that said it looked forward to gaining much needed feedback from its customers as well as crew, as it continues to raise the bar for its customers with new items on the menu and ways to better experience its brand.

Over 20 years ago, a burger called Arch Deluxe was given a trial run by McDonald’s. The burger was aimed at adults. The burger cost over $150 million to develop then rollout and ended up being a flop.

In May of 2017, the burger chain launched its Signature Crafted Recipe line of sandwiches, which has been popular. Then in September its McCafe added hand-crafted drinks.

News of the trial run of the Archburger and buzz around the fresh beef Quarter Pounder and its new artisanal sandwiches are expected to help the burger giant same stores sales in 2018, especially during the second six months of the years, say analysts.

It appears more likely that there might be additional information on fresh beef burger for 2018 wrote an analyst wondering if the company would start using fresh beef for its Big Mac, hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

The trial of the Archburger comes during a time when the consumer is paying more attention to the food they are eating both when dining in and dining out.

Several chains such as KFC and Burger King are pledging to use only chicken that is treated with no antibiotics.

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