Google Launches Anti-Terror Fund in UK

Google announced that it would be giving £1 million or $1.3 million to be used for funding projects that help to counter extremism across the UK.

The fund in the UK was part of a global $5 million commitment the Internet search giant explained.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had wanted the technology giants to become more proactive in shuttering spaces where there is sharing of extremist ideology.

At her speech to the general assembly of the United Nations, May is expected to challenge the tech firms to eliminate terrorist material in a period of two hours.

She will urge the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google to move faster and further in the development of tools for artificial intelligence that are able to spot any terror propaganda.

Twitter announced the same day, that it took down over 300,000 accounts that were linked to terror during the first half of 2017, as its AI tools continue to improve.

The funding by Google will be given out in partnership with ISD, the Institute of Strategic Dialogue that is based in the UK and is an organization that is counter-extremist.

An advisory board, which is third-party, including policymakers, academics, educators, civil society, creative agency representatives and members of the tech sector is accepting applications in November with grants from £2,000 to £200,000 given to successful proposals.

CEO at ISD Sash Havlicek has said that the organization is eager to work with such a wide range of today’s innovators on the developing of their ideas over the coming weeks and months.

During the next two years, more Google funding will support solutions that are tech driven, along with grassroots efforts like community youth projects that help to build communities while promoting resistance to today’s radicalization, said Google.

Through funding experts such as ISD, we are hoping to support the sustainable solutions to today’s extremism that is both online and off. We are not in possession of all the answers however, the commitment is there to play our part, and we are looking forward to bringing new thoughts, ideas and technologies to life, Google’s general counsel Kent Walker said.

The UK government in March suspended advertising on YouTube, following worries they had been appearing next to content they deemed inappropriate.

In June, an announcement was made by YouTube of four steps that it would take to combat content considered extremist.

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