Coming Soon: Games on Xbox One Supporting Mouse and Keyboard Control

Xbox One players have for the longest time been asking Microsoft to bring support for mouse and keyboard controls, and finally that functionality is getting closer to reality.

Mike Ybarra the Director of Xbox announced at a PAX West panel the first title for Xbox One that will include the mouse and keyboard support will come out soon.

In addition, he added that Microsoft has a clear idea already on how it is planning to approach such options.

One may think bringing the peripheral support to the Xbox One was easy, and it may be in theory, but in reality it far from that.

Since the game console is a gamepad-controlled unit, its games are develop specifically for those control methods that correspond; simply using a mouse and keyboard out of the blue would not work, as developers would have to retool the core mechanisms for control of the game completely to include the peripheral support.

Look at it in this manner: pairing a remote from Wii with an Xbox One would not make the games suddenly support the motion controls, and that is why Ybarra said much would be developer choice.

Microsoft is going to coach developers as well as studios to ensure they add the feature, because there is the potential for problems with imbalance to take place.

Should this support be included, multiplayer would be an important concern, gamers using a keyboard and mouse might have an advantage over those playing with a GamePad. For example, maneuvering may be easier for those with the keyboard and mouse.

Due to that reason, Microsoft prefers that the developers offer the gamers the choice of playing against opponents that use the same controllers, thus eliminating potential advantages or disadvantages.

It is also interesting that the option is seemingly voluntary, meaning that gamers might still have the opportunity to play using a keyboard and mouse against users without GamePads.

However, Microsoft has said that support would not be mandatory. It will still be dependent upon developers being interested in adding in the option. The company simply is allowing the functionality.

Some titles already have experimented with the mouse and keyboard support. For example, Gears of War 4, supports the cross-play between Xbox One and PC, so the mouse and keyboard versus GamePad rivalry already exists.

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