Calvin Klein Cologne Being Used To Trap Tiger

Hunters in India are using a popular Calvin Klein perfume to try and trap a man-eating tiger. The situation is getting desperate as the tiger is believed to have killed 14 people and rangers have been unable to trap it. The country’s Supreme Court has issued a shoot-to-kill order if the hunters are unsuccessful in their attempts to sedate and relocate the animal to a zoo.

Wildlife officials have named the rogue female predator T-1. It has been terrorizing the people living near a jungle near Pandharkawada. T-1 has reportedly dragged away several villagers by the neck. Bodies have been found covered in large scratch marks with missing limbs.

There are great fears that the tiger will continue to prey on humans in the area. Many villagers are now avoiding their fields and locking their doors at night. Famed hunter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan said in an interview that tigers become hooked on human flesh once it has tasted it due to all the “ginger, salt and spices” consumed by humans.

The efforts to trap the tiger have been extensive. Rangers have had hundreds of soldiers comb the jungle and have used bulldozers to clear certain areas. Rangers riding elephants have been patrolling the area with AK-47s and tranquilizer guns.

Over the past few months, the big cat has only been spotted a few times. The rangers have already tried to track the tiger using thermal drones, but failed. Several horses have been sacrificed to draw the big cat out, but the tiger has managed to eat them while evading the hunter’s scopes. Rangers managed to dart her only once, but it didn’t stick.

Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession’ fragrance contains civetone, a compound originally found in the scent glands of a civet, but is now made synthetically. Civetones are a type of pheromone and the scent is apparently very attractive to feline species, especially big cats. They take huge sniffs, roll around it, and wallow in the smell for several minutes.

As part of their plan, the rangers will spray the cologne near their 100 camera traps. The aim is to surround the tiger so that it can be sedated and transferred to a zoo. This move has been used on big cats before. According to Scientific American, Calvin Klein Obsession has been used by field biologists to lure jaguars into camera traps.

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