Buick Badge Disappearing In 2019

Buick has announced that it will no longer be placing the “Buick” script badge on the back of its vehicles starting with the 2019 model year. Instead, the automaker will be relying on its tri-shield logo on the front and back to identify its vehicles. Stu Fowle, a Buick spokesman said that research indicated Buick’s tri-shield badge is identifiable enough to stand alone.

Buick has a good reason for making the change. Fowle said, “Mostly, it was for global consistency because we don’t put the name badge on [Buicks] in China.” China has become one of the automaker’s most popular regions. Buick sold over 1.18 million cars in the market in 2017. The badge change will also allow the company to save money on each car, even if it is just a few cents per unit.

The change also makes room for the company to add an Avenir badge to its vehicles. The Avenir name has been borrowed from the widely-acclaimed concept car Buick debuted at the beginning of 2015. Rather than put the concept car into production, Buick decided to make better use of Avenir by using it as a sub-brand.

The name is now used to signify the highest trim level of the automaker’s products, starting with the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir The company is counting on the fact that owners will be more interested having that on their trunk than the regular name. The 2018 Enclave Avenir did still get the Buick script badging.

The removal of the script badge will begin with the 2019 Buick Envision. The new Envision was revealed last month. While most of the changes to the upgraded model are aesthetic details for the front and rear, the new model also has a new 9-speed automatic transmission paired to a 252 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo gas engine. The grille and wheels have also been updated for the 2019 model year. There’s no word on whether an Envision Avenir will be coming soon.

Buick’s 2019 model year cars are already beginning to arrive now. The brand hasn’t confirmed whether the badge change will happen all at once or will be slowly trickled out with each upcoming redesign.

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