Amazon Searching for Second Headquarters Location

Amazon is the giant of e-commerce and has made a big name for itself in cloud  and logistics services both for consumers and businesses.

The company is now making another big move. Today Amazon announced it is beginning its search to find another North American city to locate its second headquarters, which it envisions as being a complete equal to its current home city Seattle, Washington.

At complete capacity, the location is expected to be similar and possibly larger in size to its operations in Seattle, which today are a major cornerstone of business life in Seattle, employing 40,000 and covering over 8 million square feet in 33 buildings that includes 24 restaurants.

Headquarters No. 2 or as Amazon refers to it HQ2 is expected to have 50,000 employees and an investment of $5 billion, said a prepared statement by the company.

CEO and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos said through a statement that the company is expecting HQ2 to be the full equal to its headquarters in Seattle. He added that the second headquarters would bring billions of dollars in both up-front as well as ongoing investments, along with thousands of jobs.

The timing of the announcement is interesting as Apple has nearly completed its new Cupertino, California headquarters and next week will be holding the first event in the new Steve Job Theater. It is expected that the event will be used to unveil its new generation iPhone.

For centuries, architecture has been used to symbolize power and might, so announcing its plans for HQ2 just prior to the event being held by Apple, appears to be Amazon’s way of saying that tech giant Apple is not the only company to watch.

Amazon is touting how it is planning to let people choose the headquarters they want to work from, if not working in both.

It is setting some parameters that it wants followed such as the city must have a 1 million or higher population, be business friendly and stable, have both urban and suburban locations that have the potential of attracting and keeping skillful technical talent, and communities that can think creatively and big.

In addition, it notes that other details include the ability to construct a downtown or urban campus similar to the footprint Amazon has in Seattle, and may be developer prepped in advance prior to Amazon being involved.

The first step has been started as Amazon has invited state and local governments to contact them in its Request for Proposal stage.

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